– Aug 15 2014 Obama Regime Is Training and Equipping Taliban to Take Over Afghanistan

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Is it treason or insanity? Whichever you want to call it, the assassination of Major General Harold Greene only offers a glimpse of what Obama is wreaking in Afghanistan:

Under pressure from President Obama, the military rushed to recruit local Afghans to stand up a national army and police ahead of his hasty year-end troop withdrawal. To process some 7,000 new recruits each month, corners were cut on background checks, allowing insurgents and terrorists to fill the ranks of the now-350,000-member security force.

At the same time, the Pentagon allowed the Afghan government to take over and empty US prisons of Taliban and other terrorists as part of a mass amnesty program. It also funded a terrorist “reintegration” program that pays Taliban fighters to surrender and join the government.

More shocking, the two programs feed a recruiting pipeline for Afghan security forces whom US troops are training to take over for them, further endangering them to insider attacks and jeopardizing our mission there.

US military intelligence now fear as much as 25% of Afghan security forces are Taliban or al Qaeda operatives and sympathizers, which means we may be arming and training an army of some 87,500 enemy infiltrators with easy access to US personnel and intelligence. The massive infiltration puts the entire Afghanistan exit strategy at risk. The compromised Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) takes over the country’s security on Jan. 1, 2015.

Thirteen years after toppling them, we’re training the Taliban to retake Afghanistan.

Regarding Mohammad Rafiqullah, the Afghan Army recruit who killed General Greene with a US-issued M16:

The rogue soldier was recruited to join the army from the Paktika province in eastern Afghanistan, a Taliban stronghold.

Military intelligence officials say he was not vetted by the US, which has relied largely on the Afghans to screen out enemy sympathizers.

Don’t worry, the Regime took effective steps to fix the problem. Just kidding.

In late 2012, after one in four US or NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan were murdered by Taliban sympathizers or operatives posing as Afghan security forces, the Pentagon subjected some, but not all recruits, to lie detector tests. But that special intel team has since been abandoned, and vetting duties have again fallen to Afghans, who allow cursory or no background checks at all for new recruits.

It couldn’t possibly get any crazier, right? Wrong:

[T]he so-called Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program, a $60 million program funded mostly by the US and run by the Afghans … pays insurgents hundreds of dollars to “demobilize.” Many of these supposedly reformed terrorists are then recruited into the Afghan security forces as soldiers or police.

Pentagon documents shows more than 8,025 Taliban and al Qaeda fighters have enrolled in the program so far.

That is, our government is paying Taliban and al Qaeda terrorists with our money explicitly for being Taliban and al Qaeda terrorists, then training and arming them.

As for the ones who had been locked up by US forces, they are often released and then “recruited into the local security forces.”

The five top terrorists Obama traded for deserter and probable defector Bowe Bergdahl are only the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe Obama isn’t actually on the side of Islamic terrorists. Maybe his bleeding heart liberal regime is simply naive and incompetent to the last conceivable extreme. But at this point, as his former Secretary of State might ask, what difference does it make?

Taliban terrorists surrender old guns so as to be equipped with new ones.

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Moonbattery – Move Over JFK, Make Way for BHO

By now most sentient people have reached the conclusion that Obama is the worst president at least in living memory. But future generations may have a very different opinion. After all, history is written by the information gatekeepers, and these days they are overwhelmingly progressive. Already liberal authorities are naming things after him as if he were a great leader, at the expense of far better presidents:

Willingboro [New Jersey] is updating its presidential role models.

The township council voted Tuesday to rename the John F. Kennedy Center as the Barack Obama Center – and is to vote again on adding the word President in front of the center’s new name.

The title is needed to remind future generations that Obama was the first black president of the United States, a resident suggested to township officials, council member Nathaniel Anderson said.

True his presidency has been a catastrophe in every respect, but Obama is black, and if that weren’t what really matters, he never would have been elected in the first place.

Local officials credit Obama with inspiring blacks who had been “disenfranchised” to vote. Willingboro is populated almost entirely by blacks.

JFK has no right to complain about getting shoved aside. He has benefited greatly from the sort of historical revisionism that is likely to fundamentally transform Obama into a competent president. Kennedy was actually conservative by current standards. He cut taxes to spur growth and aggressively stood up to communists, which got him killed by a communist. Liberal information gatekeepers transformed him into a liberal and deified him. Maybe, given a few generations, they will be able to transform him into a black. In the meantime, Willingboro has its Barack Obama Center.

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Wild Bill for America- UN Showdown

If Obama brings armed UN troops into American cities, that might be the next shot heard round the world.

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Bill grew up in the Colorado Rockies and had a successful career in law enforcement, serving as both a Deputy Sheriff and a Deputy U.S. Marshal. He is a graduate of the Colorado Law enforcement Academy, the Federal Law Enforcement Academy and the U.S. Marshal’s Academy. Prior to law enforcement Bill served with the U.S. Marines as a Corpsman.

In 2000 Bill headed off to Montana Bible College and then served on the mission field in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and West Africa. He has absolute confidence in God, His Son, Jesus Christ and His Written Word, the Bible.

As a security specialist, Bill has tackled Islamic violence and intimidation head on, recruiting and training security teams to protect missionaries serving around the world. Having studied Islam intensely and seen how it operates first hand, Bill is well qualified to speak out about the dangers this religion presents.

As one of the first Tea Party members Bill continues his policy of speaking the truth boldly and encouraging others to do the same.

Intellectual Froglegs – Liberal Pudding and the proof within

The latest episode of IFL 2014 N4

”The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,”

William Shakespeare,

Henry The Sixth, Part 2 Act 4


A man can dream can’t he?! LOL…

We’ve all heard the saying “the proof is in the pudding”… well, Obama and the democrat party have made enough pudding for everyone!  In this week’s episode, we examine some of that pudding…and be careful… I don’t think that’s chocolate!

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Wild Bill For America – Go Israel Go

From Wild Bill for America

Published on Jul 21, 2014

Israel is finally giving Hamas the a$$ whooping they deserve!

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Wild Bill For America – The Genesis Movie

Faith in God is under attack in America. The Genesis Movie is a wonderful boost to faith and Bill calls on the faithful men and women to help complete this movie and get it launched.

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New Intellectual Froglegs – As the World Burns – IFL 2014 N3

Do you realize we are just three months away from quite possibly the last electoral chance to save this country?

Anyway, November will be here before we know it. I hope everyone is getting involved somehow to prevent the stealing of another election this fall. We cannot afford these people in office any longer. And if there is no place to volunteer, maybe YOU should help start something. If you need ideas, leave a comment with Joe Dan Gorman here

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Wild Bill For America – The War On Babies

Courtesy of our friends at Wild Bill for America

The Democrats are angry that abortionists are being held to standards of cleanliness and professionalism… so guess what they did?

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Be Sociable, Share! – USDA Unveils New Plans to Control How We Shop

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Even before they finish consolidating control of the healthcare industry, our nanny state overlords are taking the next logical step by moving in on food. First they got a large percentage of the population dependent on government funding to buy groceries through the food stamp program. Now they are using that leverage to tell us what to eat. If Hollyweird ever wants to make a comedic sequel to 1984 ridiculing soft tyranny, it could get some excellent ideas from the USDA:

The agency commissioned an “expert panel” to make recommendations on how to guide the more than 47 million Americans on food stamps into spending their benefits on fruits and vegetables. …

[One] idea included a point-based system where food stamp recipients could receive movie tickets in exchange for healthy food purchases. Grocery store staff could also be used as “ambassadors” for the USDA’s agenda.

“In this role, floor staff has the ability to re-direct consumer purchase towards more healthful choices by explaining the incentive or the nutrition labeling system,” the report said.

It is unclear whether supermarkets will be compelled to hire people to tell you what the government wants you to eat, in which case they would pass along the cost via higher food prices, or whether these shopping advisors will be financed directly by the taxpayer.

The panel came up with six preferred strategies: discount coupons for SNAP recipients; rebates of up to $60 for healthy purchases on EBT cards; buy one get one free deals for SNAP recipients; a targeted marketing plan to promote healthy food; a USDA loyalty card; and new specialized shopping carts.

That is, the government will mandate that moochers get discounts on food they aren’t even paying for. All costs will be picked up by those of us old-fashioned enough to pull our own weight.

The idea of simply not allowing people to buy junk food with EBT cards was evidently too radical to entertain.

Regarding the specialized shopping carts,

The “MyCart grocery cart” would provide dividers for shoppers to make sure they are selecting enough items in each “MyPlate” category, the USDA’s food icon.

“MyCart is a nonfinancial approach that would use behavioral economics to encourage healthier purchases by any consumer, including SNAP participants,” the report said.

The cart would be color-coded, physically divided, and have a system installed so that when the shopping cart reaches its healthy “threshold” it would congratulate the customer.

As for the cost,

The report estimated that implementing the new carts would cost roughly $30,000 for every store. The change would be costly. For instance, Safeway, Inc. would need to spend $40.05 million to introduce the carts at its 1,335 stores in the U.S.

No worries; greedy capitalists have plenty of money.

They had better. Just coming up with these moronic suggestions cost the government $999,891. Since government only consumes and does not produce, the money has to come from somewhere.

Other strategies include compelling supermarkets to allocate certain amounts of shelf space to certain foods, to present foods the government wants us to eat more prominently, to create “healthy aisles,” et cetera.

Even the stocking of supermarket shelves is to be based on political considerations rather than what makes sense economically. No doubt special staff will be required to sort out all the federal recommendations.

When these recommendations fail to achieve gastronomic utopia, they will inevitably be replaced by dictates. Our continued failure to live up to the ideals of our rulers will eventually force the government to nationalize all food distribution, replacing the current supermarket cornucopias with the barren shelves of the Soviet Union.

But admittedly the Soviet Union didn’t have talking shopping carts.

The Bitter Half plans to “impact the nature of food in grocery stores.”

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Girly Manchurian: the Phony President (Intellectual Froglegs 2014 N-2)

Courtesy of our friends over at Intellectual Froglegs

Obama was recently ranked the worst president in modern history by Quinipiac—which is hardly a bastion of conservatism. That pretty much says it all…because it is true.

I’d like to thank author Andrew Klaven and SNL’s Victoria Jackson for stopping by.

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